This contract represents the entire agreement between the parties and replaces all prior understandings.
The Client shall pay a deposit of 30% of the Total Rental Amount within five days of signing this Booking Contract. The remaining balance is due at arrival. If booking within ten weeks of the rental date, the entire contract price shall be paid within five days of signing this Booking Contract. If any payment is not made within the times set forth herein, LivingVenice may treat the contract as canceled, and the usual refund terms shall apply (see below). The Total Rental Amount may be adjusted to reflect changes in exchange rates for bookings arranged more than two months in advance.
Villas and apartments are not commercial entities like hotels. Properties offered by LivingVenice must be booked far in advance and are not easily re-rented. We strongly recommend clients take out Travel Insurance to protect against a medical emergency or certain other unforeseen circumstances which preclude the client from traveling. All cancellations must be in writing and become effective on the date of receipt by LivingVenice Cancellation charges will be levied as follows: (i) on receipt of the cancellation letter 10 weeks or more before the rental period the charge will be equal to the booking deposit, (ii) on receipt of the cancellation letter less than 10 weeks before the rental period the charge will be the full amount of the rental. If LivingVenice is able to re-let the property for the same period, the cancellation charge will be the initial deposit.
The Client is responsible for ensuring the property is left in a reasonable condition of cleanliness and in the same condition of repair as upon arrival. Any excessive cleaning, loss or damage to the property, or debts or charges incurred will be itemized and charged to the Client. Clients are required to act in a responsible manner at all times, and to act with respect towards other guests, neighbors, the owner and their staff. LivingVenice reserves the absolute right to require any individual to vacate a property for disruptive behavior, in which case there would be no refund of any rental payment.
The total number of guests staying at the property may not exceed the number of sleeping places specified in the promotional material nor the number entered on the face of this contract. The owner reserves the right to refuse entry or evict the entire party if the number of persons occupying a property exceeds the number stipulated in this contract.
The rental property and any facilities or services expressly included in the written information provided by LivingVenice are included in the contract price. Normal use of gas, electricity and water are also included unless otherwise stated in the price list. Some local expenses may be excluded from the rental cost specified in this contract, such as telephone, cleaning services, linens, heating, utilities and personal services such as maids or cooks. LivingVenice will list known locally paid expenses on this Contract.
After full payment of the contract price, and at least 14 days prior to the travel departure date specified on page one of this Contract, LivingVenice will supply the Client with an arrival voucher and additional information required to occupy the property.
Unless otherwise agreed, Clients should arrive between 2 PM and 7 PM on the day of arrival and vacate the property by 10 AM on the day of departure.
LivingVenice has taken care to ensure the accuracy of all information and descriptions contained in its brochures and promotional material at the time prepared, however, nothing in those materials shall be treated as a term or condition of this contract. LivingVenice shall not be liable with regard to any difference of opinion as to the condition or quality of the properties, or the surrounding area, nor for temporary defects or stoppages of any utilities. Properties may not always appear exactly as pictured or described due to normal wear and tear, changes in furnishings and changes after materials were prepared.
Should any problem occur with the property, the Client must immediately (within 24 hours) notify the property owner or manager. The Client should also inform LivingVenice of the problem within 48 hours if the problem has not been remedied. The Client should allow the owner or manager reasonable time to remedy the problem, or to find a suitable replacement property. Vacating the property without LivingVenice authorization does not constitute an adequate cause for a refund. The Client is responsible for informing LivingVenice of any complaint and allowing it a reasonable opportunity to remedy the problem during the rental period; failure to do so will void any claim following the rental period.
LivingVenice reserves the right to modify or cancel this contract at any time in any case where it is necessary to do so as a result of a force majeure, or any other occurrence outside the control. In the event of any change or cancellation by the property owner, LivingVenice shall inform the client promptly and shall endeavor to offer the Client substituted properties. The Client will have a choice of accepting the substitute property and paying or receiving the difference in rate for the new property, or LivingVenice will refund all monies paid. In the event of changes or complete cancellation liability will be limited to the refund of all monies paid. In no event will LivingVenice be responsible for any consequential or incidental damages, including travel expense, alternative lodging, or other expense.
Client acknowledges that LivingVenice does not own any rental accommodations and undertakes only to act as agent for the owner of the property. As such, LivingVenice shall not be responsible or liable for any accident, loss, damage, injury, or inconvenience arising from the rental, except insofar as that occurrence is caused by the direct negligence of LivingVenice or that of its employees. All claims of accident, loss, damage, injury or inconvenience are acknowledged to be solely between the Client and owner LivingVenice does not accept liability for any loss or damage caused by weather conditions, riot, strikes, sickness or any cause beyond its control.
LivingVenice and its Client agree that this contract shall be governed by Italy law


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